Santos Mahogany Flooring Now Available from Nova USA Wood Products

Hardwood FlooringOne of the more difficult to source hardwood flooring products, Santos Mahogany is now available from Nova USA Wood Products.

Nova USA Wood Products has announced that it has established a consistent source of premium Unfinished Santos Mahogany flooring. Santos Mahogany is a beautiful and affordable alternative to genuine mahogany. It features greater hardness and strong color fastness. Santos Mahogany is often used as an alternative to genuine Mahogany, which is quite a bit more expensive and also quite a bit softer than Santos, making it more susceptible to damage. Santos Mahogany, on the other hand, can stand up to high traffic with ease. Santos Mahogany features a tight grain and beautiful reddish-brown to deep red coloring, making it one of the most coveted exotic hardwood flooring species in the world.

Santos Mahogany features a Janka hardness rating of 2,200 lbs, which is approximately 18% harder than Hickory. Unfinished Santos Mahogany flooring features a host of benefits for the consumer. It is cheaper from the outset, making it the format of choice for home owners looking to install and finish their own floor. Unfinished Santos Mahogany can also be used to make a "perfect floor," or a floor with no micro beveling with perfectly square edges.

As with all unfinished flooring products, Unfinished Santos Mahogany should be installed after a fully operational HVAC system is installed and the building itself is sealed. The flooring will require sanding and finishing on site, and this should be one of the last steps performed under new construction conditions in order to minimize the possibility of damage during and after sanding and finishing.

Santos Mahogany is such a highly sought after wood that periods of demand exceeding supply often occur, particularly in the wake of South American mill restructuring due to world economic shifts. When the cycle comes back and supply is prevalent, it is prudent to stock up on Santos Mahogany and other woods with similar supply and demand trends in order to ensure adequate stock when sourcing becomes more difficult.

Nova USA is an importer of specialty wood products. We specialize in hardwood flooring and decking including Brazilian Cherry, Ipe, TigerWood, Cumaru and other exotic tropical species.

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